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I have surveyed about 14 people to find out about Australian television .The point of the surveys was to find whether they enjoyed Australian television shows.

The predictions that I had made for this question were people watched about six hours per day on average.

From my findings of the first question, which was how, much television do you watch on average per day. Most people watched between zero to four hours, a few people watch five to nine hours and thirty to thirty four hours.

I thought people would enjoy programs like Home and Away and Blue Heelers. From surveys I found that people enjoyed sports, Date Line, Home and Away, Rove Live, Neighbours, The Big Arvo, Temptation Island, Australian Survivor, Sixty minutes, Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Stingers, Better Homes and Gardens, Getaway, Great Outdoors, Hot Property, All Saints and the Secret Life Of Us.

The results I think I will get from the third question from my survey would be Australian actors are equal with American actors.

Everyone I surveyed thought that Australian actors were just as good as the American actors, it was just the publicity that made them even more famous than the Australian actors. Some of the popular Australian actors are Georgie Parker, Rebecca Cartwright, Tammin Sursok, Beau Brady, John Wood, Nicole Kidman, Ray Meagher, Graham Kennedy, Heath Leadger and Libby Tanner.

I think a lot of people would prefer sitcom because they can make you laugh. From findings I found most people enjoyed soapies. How ever the older people seemed to like life style programs.

My predictions are I believe that American shows do influence Australian television programs as the American industry is a lot more powerful than the Australian industry, and they get all their ideas first.

I found that seven people...