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In a galaxy far, far away there is a place that I like to go. I call it my place. It is in the middle of the woods. Does it have a creek? Does it have colorful leaves on the ground in the fall? Or soft crunchy snow in the winter? Yes is the answer to all of these. My senses, my friends, and even God affect me in my place.

The feeling in my place is completely overwhelming. I feel that I could do anything I want to, and that I am more than useless. Or sometimes I feel the total opposite, but either way it represents my way of getting out. The feeling of the harsh bark on the tree that I sit against plays a part as my chair. The soft rays of sunlight or the sharp droplets of rainfall are my point of grace. When these rays or rain hit my face I get my fulfillment of what I need that gets me through the week.

I see the birds that like to perch their feet against a hard rock or a sharp pine needle. There are worms that squirm in the muddy ground after a hard rainfall. There are trees that were cut by humans who really don't care and the leaves that have fallen to the ground making a mixture of browns and yellows. When I see the creek that is full of, Big Gulps, snicker wrappers, and crumpled paper, I see water full of unpleasantness. If a blind person were to go to this busy world they would waste their lives away. I don't only hear chirp, chirp, no, I hear much more. I hear the peaceful sound of the flowing creek in the distance, and the sound of the leaves moving through...