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Napoleon Bonaparte arose from this turbulent time as a revolutionary. Many have gone on to describe the French Emperor as an aberration. Nevertheless, Napoleon Bonaparte was produced by the French class system. The makings of a improvised upbringing and a time of indulgence of self-profit. Hence, it was only inevitable that a Napoleon Bonaparte would be unleashed on the world. The embodiment of blind ambition and survival skill that would one day be utilized to rule his own empire.

Bonaparte always dreamed of freeing Corsica, which had been annexed by the French. He decided that now was the time to put his plans into action as he started to take personal leave away from his military duties. During one of these visits, Bonaparte and his family were forced to flee after being labeled a traitor by the Corsican nationalist, Pasquale Puoli.


When Adolf was about 15 to 16 years old, he decided to quit school.

This was because he did so bad that school asked him to repeat the whole year again. He persuaded his mother to let him quit and go to an artist college. By the time he was 18 years old, he received his part of his father's will. With the money he moved to Vienna and pursued to be an artist. He applied to the Vienna Academy of Art and Vienna School of Architecture, but was rejected by both because he didn't have a secondary school degree. He was too shamed to tell his mother so Hitler just decided to stay in Vienna. On December 21, 1907 Klara Hitler died from Breast Cancer. Her death saddened young Adolf Hitler a lot. Living off his father's civil pension and an orphan's pension he roamed around Vienna for six years visiting museums and selling sketches of...