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Our planet earth has been providing humans with food, water, gas, electricity, and many other natural resources for centuries. People became used to taking all the "gifts" that mother-earth was ready to provide to its inhabitants. Many of us start forgetting that people take much more from nature than it can provide and that the increasing human population requires more food and natural resources. We have to think that our planet earth has limited amount of resources, plants and animal species. We will destroy our planet, unless we start to preserve and respect nature for everything it has given to us.

Today more and more people are talking about ecology and fauna in newspapers, television and other media. We have already lost many animal species, which the future generation will not be able to see alive because they would be lost forever. There are many species that are killed every day by starvation.

"Listen to the news: a bear, the last survivor in the Sarajevo zoo, died of starvation. He died after eating his mate, as did all the animals, the eagles, the leopards, the lions, the tigers, and the pumas," says Codrescu. (Codrescu, page 202) We are cutting down the rain forest and using natural resources including petroleum, natural gases, and minerals without giving too much thought to it. We produce so much waste and burn so much fuel that the earth's ozone layer, which protects us from ultraviolet radiation, becomes thinner and thinner. Today we already buy water from supermarkets because there isn't enough pure water left in the rivers, lakes and other water reservoirs. If people continue to just use and abuse nature then they will soon need to buy purified air. Scientists all over the world hold conferences and symposiums to remind people that we cannot...