Networking in shops.

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Networking is quite useful for a shop, this is because they can communicate and find out how much stock is left or if they need access to any files on the other computers of programmes hosted by the other users. The disadvantage of networks also depends on what type of network is used, for a company like Keep On Reading; it is quite small, so a suitable network would be a Ring Network or LAN. The disadvantage of this is that if one of the computers gets attacked this could cause a network failure affecting all the other computers; the advantage of this is that it can save money on software and Internet connection. The other type of network are not very useful this is because a Line network could start off fast at the administrators computer and when it reaches the tills computer the internet or the computer speed could be quite slow, however with a star network if the main computer has a power failure so do the rest, causing all the computers to be affected.

        However the till does not need an Internet connection but the stock manager and the administrator needs an Internet connection so for example an Internet network would not be needed for a bookshop but a modem for the stock manager to contact the stock supplies would be good and the administrator can have what ever connection he needs. Also there would only be 3 computers needed in a shop, I'm suggesting this because, there could be one computer at the administrator's desk, one at stock manager and one at the till, this is because there is no other computers really needed in the shop, unless there could be a spare computer in the back for staff members to go on in their...