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Leah Davis

September 17, 2014

BIL 102-F

Reflection Paper on the Book of Mark

I was born into a Christian family and raised by going to church every Sunday. I have heard all the stories of Jesus and all his miracles. Those of us who were born into Christian families like I was had the stories of Jesus pounded into our heads for years and years until the stories just didn't mean much anymore because we had been told them so many times. Rereading the book of Mark years later has given me a whole new understanding of who Jesus is and what his acts of love truly mean.

Reading the book of Mark and really delving into what the book says has shown me that Jesus was not just a miracle man, but he is the reason I live my life as I do. I tend to get caught up in material things and forget how amazing the smallest acts of love can be.

Jesus spent a lot of time with sinners, just like me. No one is perfect, but Jesus chose to associate and help those who were fallen instead of cruising along beside those who were already following the Christian life. Everything he did for others was out of love and mercy. God used Jesus as the human vessel to show us the living God and the power of the LORD. I often feel trapped by everything that's going on in my life, but God is the open window that lets a breeze drift in so I can breathe. I believe this is what God is showing me in the book of Mark. Jesus was a living example of how we should live.

I didn't realize how secretive Jesus was about his miracles at first. I found...