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A relatively new type of therapy has been making its way on to the Internet and into homes. Online therapy or counseling is becoming popular among individuals who may feel uncomfortable meeting a therapist face to face or for people who may not be able to take time out of his or her busy work schedules to make an appointment and travel to a therapist's office. This paper will evaluate three online therapy sites and how online therapy works. This paper will also evaluate the ethical issues involved with online therapy. Finally this composition will include the writer's personal opinions about online therapy.

Online Therapy WebsitesThe three online therapy websites evaluated in this paper are,, and All these sites are readily available to anyone who is searching for a therapist online. Some sites list their fees whereas some sites state that fees are dependent on the therapist chosen. offers phone counseling, private online chat sessions, and e-mail sessions to clients. The site provides 10 different therapists to choose from with their specialties listed. The therapists available are from a diverse background; psychologists, licensed social workers, and licensed family therapists. A biography is available for all the therapists with their experience and licensure and certifications listed.

The site has a page that explains what online counseling is and explains what each type of session entails. For example, private online chat is either by phone or by live chat online. The fees for each type of session are present with each therapist's price being the same. E-mail sessions purchases are in a single increment of one half hour or in a package form. Online chat and phone sessions are for 30 or 60 minute increments with scheduling at least 24 hours in advance.

Clients must fill out forms...