Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

Essay by amaloch November 2008

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In today's business world, organizations are continually being challenged with ethical dilemmas and a variety of circumstances which affect decision- making. For an organization to be flourishing, the manager must have the capability to resolve quickly ethical issues that may take place in the work environment. Managers have to communicate with the employees and explain what is expected from them along with their demeanor concerning ethical situations. When managers formulate the decisions regarding ethical behavior these individuals need to be the most important strength behind the implementation development. Ethical issues may be described as a harmful tool with the intention of devastating an organization if not handled with a firm leadership. A more common ethical issue that could very well be avoided may be the hiring of friends, family, and acquaintances. If a manager proceeds with an unethical issue, he will be inadvertently asking for a negative response leading to conflict management along with a volatile atmosphere in the work environment.

Addressing an ethical issue may take some time to resolve due to the complexity of the situation. Managers need to be aware of some necessary steps that should be taken in order to resolve an issue which could be detrimental to the culture or ethics of an organization. The six steps that should be taken in attempt to resolve an ethical issue are issue clarification, stakeholder analysis, values identification, issue resolution, addressing objections, and resolution implementation. Managers also need to ask themselves six questions to make a proper ethical decision such as is it right, is it fair, who may get hurt, would the manager be comfortable if the decisions were reported on the front page of a local newspaper, what would the manager tell his child to do, and how does it smell or feel? As individuals, managers...