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"Othello", by William Shakespeare is a play that evolves around the Venetian society based upon civilized behavior, law and order. The Venetians as such consider themselves as a civilised society. Since there is an extraordinary fusion of characters with different passion and desire, it creates all kind of abuse among them. So, with its various type of abuse, the Venetians are then regarded as an uncivilized society. Hence, this essay will discuss the abuse formed by the characters in Othello. Racial abuse, the abuse of women and the psychological and emotional abuse that constructs an uncivilized society in Othello will be explored.

Throughout the play, Othello is often being abused merely because he is a black man within a white Venetian society. As will be discussed, this form of racial abuse is an inescapable part of Othello's life.

This fairly racist society is revealed as early as the opening lines of Othello.

Instead of referring Othello by name, the characters consistently refers him by using all kinds of imagery, for instance, 'the Moor', 'thick-lips', 'old black ram' and 'Barbary horse'. From the very start, we are aware of Othello's displacement and the underlying racial abuse within the society.

To begin with, an example of racial abuse is seen through Brabantio. Initially, Brabantio is portrayed as a man who, 'lov'd [Othello], oft invited [Othello]' and sees beyond Othello's racial difference. However, when it comes to the marriage of his daughter, Desdemona, Othello's colour becomes a threatening issue. He accuses Othello of using magic to lure Desdemona 'to the sooty bosom / Of such a thing as thou'. Furiously, Brabantio rejected the marriage as it is 'against all rules of nature'. This is because Brabantio did not see it as acceptable for a white woman to be...