People are strange

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Authors Note

In this paper I will be exploring the lyrics of The Doors song "People Are Strange". With this voyage of taking apart this song I was introduced to many different aspects than before. I was shown that the meaning of this song was not only about being depressed but it was about not judging people based off appearance and the perspectives that one can take on life. With this paper I fill like I was successful on interrupting the lines to get a better grasp on what Jim Morrison was trying to convey to his audience. Having a chance to get feed back on my paper I was able to see that some of my ideas were not stated in a way that was easy for the reader to follow or understand. Your feedback showed me places that were hard to understand and gave me a chance to clarify.

After revising this paper I felt as if I was successful in the way of making things more clear. My organization seems to flow better and relay my message more effectively. In the revision of my paper I found many grammatical errors in which I was able to improve and make my paper easier to read. I hope that the revisions where able to overall improve the quality of my paper and to make it more enjoyable to my readers.

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English 1100

November 3, 2014

Analysis of "People Are Strange"

The Doors performed the song "People Are Strange" in the 60's. This song has been analyzed over past decades resulting in many different views and what it is trying to portray to its listeners. After studying and applying many analytical tactics to the literary work,