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Class #5.

October 9

Studying tv and intro to US broadcasting policy

Chapter 2 in TV reader


Started as 'wireless telegraphy'

Numerous inventors created the various technologies that made radio possible

Used by the military before and during world war 1

Fo ex british developed a publically radio bbc then television …this was the first broadcasting…

US radio develoed by prvt sector

Telegraph used wires than over the years it developed without wires

First radio was a system of2 way communication

During ww1 it ws imp for communication; communicating demands

1920's selling radio recievers ..rather than using it to communicate they hit on the idea to have ppl listen

nature of radio itself changed

at the same time they realized they could sell more radios thus resulting 'air time' selling air time to commecials= making money

inexpensive way to communicate

1920's selling reciveers and air time was vital at this time


amateur and commercial broadcasters compete for control of the airwaves in the 1920;s

congress to have power

the idea that government shpuld regulate the behavior of individuals and institutions such as corporations.

Govt needed to come regulate there behavious "anti trust act in 1980' idea behind prohibition … that ppl coudnt control the intake of alcohol .. (the crime filem scar face)…attempt to regulate radio ppl

Limit power of individuals

Forming two biggest network NBC & CBS (dominated in the 1930's)

Nbc - lead to ABC by 1940 there was three networks

Three dominated from 1941-1970's.

Radio and television dominated by corporations by sony

Documentary film - invention of television

Big dreams, small screens (1997)

Part of PBS amrican expe4rience series

Tell the story of philo t. farnswaroth

Philo t Farnsworth ; affected change, the genious that transformed electrons to visions

Invention of television

American original

Sending pictures over air

RCA Television 1939 ; television making its public announcement ; adding video and sound to radio

Forgot Farnsworth and credit went to the Russian man with the name starting with 'S' …Farnsworth became an alcoholic at 30

Oct 1939 Sarnoff admitted to thief …RCA history royalty was paid to an outside inventor

Farnsworth never acceptd defeat although all his dreams were falling apart; devoted life to nuclear fusion for world energy but it burnt down

Finally got recognition when there was a statue in Utah and Washington DC

Farnsworth was an outsider, romance with ….

Case study (last week)

Hollywood and Latin America

The Monroe doctrine (1823)

Regular armed intervention in Latin America to protest US interests

Not the same as Europeans style colonialism

1932 Roosevelt; policy wsant working, film industy was under threat by latin America because they were using negative stereotypes about Hispanics (racism/steretypes)

policy was clled "the good neighbor policy' (1933-1945)

The Good Neighbor Policy (1933- 1945)

The Roosevelt Administration's attempt to reject the interventionism of previous US governments

Emphasis on trade and diplomacy

Almost immediate US withdrawl of troops from Nicaragua and Haiti


Offica of the Coordinatior of Inter-American Affairs created in 1940

Run by Nelson Rockefeller (part owner of RKO)

Motion picture society for the americans (MPSA)

RKO sent best director to do a documentary that wasn't finished…just bits and pieces

Make animated film as well to amend the relationship …bringing the culture,

Saludos Amigos (1942) animated film ; successful in box office (walt Disney) mixing two genre; short film & documentary

is a 1942 animated feature package film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures.


Last 5 classes

Format; 90 mins, 3 topics covered in course, chose one write essay

Intergrate readings, lecture, movies

Ex. What did the early movie industry look like

Ex. Early films comparison

Ex sunrise, stage couch, scarface (talk about it as a genre film)

Scarface - talk only about scarface nothing extra =

Readings 6 chapters

3 readings from film reader

chpt 2 from tv reader

covered about a dozen; only chosing 3

Essay format 4-6 pages double spaced