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Publics View on the Healthcare system

When 2,343 people was asked their opinion on the healthcare system and how much trust do they put into Doctors, Nurses, Dentist, Insurance providers the general public numbers were outstanding. According to Harris Poll Interactive the highest level of trust was as follows

Nurses at sixty-five percent

Doctors at sixty-one percent

Dentist at fifty-six percent

Pharmacies at forty-nine percent

Hospitals in general at forty-four percent

Pharmaceutical companies at fourteen percent

Managed care companies at nine percent

Health insurance companies at eight percent

When the public was asked about their personal healthcare providers the numbers were surprisingly slightly lower than the general healthcare provider. The percentages are as follows:

Nurses at sixty-three percent

Doctors at sixty percent

Dentist rose to fifty-eight percent

Pharmacies rose to fifty percent

Hospitals rose to forty-seven percent

Managed care companies at nine percent

Health insurance rose to fifteen percent

Perception shaped by insurers

Insurers shape the publics perception by just being themselves.

When people cannot afford insurance for themselves or their families they tend to have more of a negative view towards the insurance providers. Another example is when the public has insurance and a disability or some other type of illness and their insurance provider refuses to cover them and the public ends up having to pay high out of pocket expenses.

Perception shaped by provider groups

Provider groups such as short and long term programs and worker's compensation insurance have shaped the publics perception the same way that regular insurance has. Especially Worker's compensation insurance, this has made it hard for employee to reap the benefits of the thousands of dollars that employers pay into this insurance. They are very difficult to collect from, not very helpful and clearly do not make a good name for themselves.