Pharmacy Risk Management

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Pharmacy Risk Management Assessment

Pharmacy Risk Management Assessment

Risk Management is put into place to monitor and evaluate the possible risk that may occur within the organization. Everyone that is involve with the organization is involved in the process. Patients and staff and continuously made aware of possible risk that may occur within the facilities and receive training when necessary to know how to avoid possible risk. Organization continue to monitor risk to reduce the change of accidents or injuries occurring that may end up being financial burden in the future. People have been receiving medications from pharmacy for years there are risk that are involved in this process. It is important that when a patient is prescribed a certain medication that they receive the right medication with the proper instructions on the bottle so their treatment is correct. It is also important that the correct prescriber is selected during the prescription process or they may be consequences long after the medication is giving to the patient (Greg, 2011).

Another risk when it comes to pharmacies are drug-drug interactions. The risk of medication being dispensed to patients that can cause a drug-drug reactions can be high without properly looking at the patient's current history of medication being taken.

In The Case of Drug-Drug Interactions study they used the risk management process in three phases with the first step as risk assessment then risk management and finally evaluation of strategies (Buurma, De Smet, & Egberts, 2006). In the first phase it is important to figure out the risk. In this case the risks are that 11% of all prescriptions have been reported to have an error. Drug-drug interactions are risk that can cause death or hospitalization of patients (Buurma, De Smet, & Egberts, 2006). Also there is a risk that the...