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Social Security

When FDR took over the presidency he had to figure out a way to improve the

American economy. In August of 1935 President Roosevelt signed the Social Security

Act into law. ( The law was to provide money to the old, sick, and

penniless. A certain percentage of the employee and employers wages was to be

removed from each paycheck. The law passed by a landslide, but there were still some

against it. They said that the working people contributing to this social security program

would never see their money again and they were being flat robbed.

Well, today we are starting to see that problem arise for the future. The money is

estimated to be gone in less than thirty years, (Sanford), and that is the optimistic number.

With the Baby Boomer generation about to retire, the funds will collapse and the people

who have given money out of every paycheck they have ever received just might not get

the promised return.

What is needed is a way to stop using the social security fund to pay

off other debts and a way to increase the funds without hurting the American people. Not

enough people pay attention to what goes on in our government, nonetheless, understand

it. We all know that the US spends a ton of money on national defense. I am

not saying that we should not spend a good deal of money, but is it entirely too much.

Could some of this money be used to refill the social security funds? If we do not face

this problem and find a just and promising solution, the fate of economic security and

social welfare for the American people will be very grim.

Many foreseeing problems are starting to arise due to social security neglect. One...