Political Instability of Africa

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Political Instability in Africa

Country Researched: Nigeria

As a student, I have come to know many people, and learn many things. As I look back on my high-school days, I really don't remember learning many things on Africa. Africa is something that I have come to learn about in college, and I have been happy with the class I am currently enrolled in thus far. Africa is such a giant continent that it would be impossible to study all of it in one class during one semester due to the fact that it has over 50 countries inside the giant land mass, and so many different ranges of people, language, and religion. One thing that I have become interested in is the political structures that had existed in Africa and are still in existence today. The topic of this research paper is to look at the political instability of Africa, but to limit it to one country inside Africa.

I have always been curious about the land of Nigeria and since I have been at Monmouth University. I have met people that have come to America from Nigeria and I have talked and interviewed people from Nigeria for reports and presentations. Now was a chance to look at a specific topic, research it, and attempt to discuss it in a knowledgeable way. Political instability has been a long surviving topic in Nigeria history and it is a recurring theme still to this day.

First, when looking at a specific topic such as political instability in Nigeria it is important to have an understanding of where we are in Africa because there are so many places inside the continent. Nigeria is located in Western Africa between Benin and Cameroon. It also borders the Gulf of Guinea, Niger and Chad. It spans...