Provisional Government

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"The provisional government failed because it did not have the skill or determination to govern Russia effectively after the collapse of tsarist early in 1917" Explain why you agree or disagree? To a certain extent the provisional failed because they did not have the determination or skill to govern Russia effectively after Nicholas II was forced to abdicate thereby abandoning the nation. Admittedly the provisional government did face difficulties in governing Russia because the people had little loyalty for them and this loyalty depended solely on their ability to solve problems and make their way of better than the tsar did. Fundamentally the provisional government where not elected therefore they had no natural claim to the loyalty of the people. Clearly this suggests that the PG had responsibility as the government but had no power over the people and therefore without the support of the people they could not govern Russia as effective as they should have.

This suggests the determination they had in governing Russia although it was not effective and therefore if they failed it would be because of other factors such as presence of the Bolsheviks and not lack of skill or determination. In other ways the Petrograd soviet are undoubtedly a factor that contributed to the downfalls of the PG because they had more influence on the people of Russia as they represented workers/soldiers and these committees had spread across the country. Furthermore they passed orders such as order number one: 'Amy only have to obey orders agreed by PS', which suggests that the PS undermined the authority of the PG although the PG where forced to compromise with PS because of 'dual authority'. Clearly this resulted in chaos as they reached a consensus e.g. they recognised trade unions, 8hour days for workers and religious freedoms...