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Table of contents

Table of contents 2

Introduction 3

1. Russell, L. 'It's a question of trust: Balancing the relationship between students and teachers in ethnographic fieldwork.' 4

1.1. The author is a "young ethnographer researching teenagers" (p.193). What difference does her age make? 4

1.2 When is a researcher no longer a novice? Would her research have been better done by someone with more experience? 5

1.3 In this research paper what do you learn about: a) the research subjects and b) the researcher? 6

2. Kamenou, N. (2008) Reconsidering Work-Life Balance Debates .... British Journal of Management, 19 s99-s109. 8

2.1 The author appears to have had difficulties recruiting interviewees (see especially p.s102). Why, for example, might an organization withdraw "from the study claiming "restructuring was in progress"? (p.102). 8

2.2 What are the differences between the people in organizations where formal access had been granted and the "independent‟ group? 9

2.3 What do we know about the author? How might the identity of the author have made a difference to the research? 10

Conclusion 11



There are a number of factors that contribute to effectively conducting qualitative research. It is not only choosing the right field setting or well-formulated research question that counts, but also the reliability of the evidence and the skills of the interviewer make tremendous difference to the outcome of a qualitative research.

''Qualitative research involves the scrutiny of social phenomena.''(Gubrium and Holstein 1997, p.11-14). Qualitative researchers look beyond the ordinary and try to understand how participants understand themselves or their world.. Unlike in quantitative research, when conducting a qualitative study, the researcher is considered as the main instrument for data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation (Paisley & Reeves, 2001). The next few pages will critically analyse the...