Reservists and Armed Conflicts

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Sarah Abdelhak

Dr. Baxter

Pol 220

09 April 2005

Q: Should Reservists be used in major armed conflicts?

Yes. The United States Army Reserve is a very important part of the Active Army. They are trained with the active duty soldiers, utilize the same equipment, deal with the same stresses, and feel the same sense of duty as any active duty personnel. The Army Reservists are the Combat Support, and Combat Service Support element of the active duty forces.

In today's world the Army Reserves are a very important element of the United States Army. They are called out to do work that the Active Forces can't do, such as peace enforcements, Civil and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief. One very important unit that is solely reserve is Civil Affairs. These soldiers bring to the Army finely honed skills practiced daily in the civilian sector as judges, physicians, bankers, health inspectors, fire chiefs, etc.

Having these professionals part of the Armed Service as Reservists has helped the Army expand its influences locally as well as abroad. This is a plus for the Armed forces because it allows them connection to the civilian side of business.

The reason why reservists should be used in major armed conflicts is because they are the foundations of the army. They support the Active Army and understand and live among the American and Foreign civilians so that they can provide useful information on the society the conflict arises in. In many cases the Reservists can settle the problem without employing too much violence- if any violence at all- and that will help the Active Forces focus on bigger issues. This alone is why the Reservists should be used in Major Armed conflicts.

We must not forget that even though the Army Reserves are a support...