The road to independence

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The Road to Independence

The Road to Independence was a period of time that the colonies began to get

their lives together. They began to fight for how they wanted to live. Through the wars

with themselves, the French, Indians, and the British was a rough time for the colonies.

The fist battle that started to Road to Independence was the French and Indian

War. The British and the American Colonies waged it against the French and their Indian

allies. In Europe the Seven Years War began because of the rivalry between the nations

for control over North America started when they began exploring the continent. The

British settlers found towns and cleared their land for growing crops. On the other hand

the French were more concerned with protecting their land and trade. A meeting of

delegate's form seven of the colonies in Albany wanted to strengthen their ties and to

create a unified war effort in the Northern Colonies. They wanted to make this a

permanent union of the colonies called the Albany Plan of Union, though the colonies

rejected it, it was a model for later government. In the beginning the British where losing.

One attack where the Indians and the French won was a group of about nine hundred of

them surprised a force of about 1,500 British soldiers and four hundred-fifty militia,

which were armed citizens. After Great Britain declared war on France, William Pitt

became Britain's Prime Minister, which was the highest official of the government. He

had their parliament raise taxes and borrow money to fight in the war. Because of all this.

The British became better prepared which overwhelmed the French and Indians. The

French then abandoned their forts in New York and Moved into Canada. Then the British

decided to...