Rush Limbaugh -logic and commonly used fallacies

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Logic on a New Level

In 1995, a talk show host, by the name of Rush Limbaugh was quoted while responding to a newspaper article written about a study completed by the NCEA (National Center for Economic Alternatives). According to this newspaper article, the study done by the NCEA claimed that American farmers use chemical fertilizers, and that due to our large economy, small businesses, and families, America is a waste generating country. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to analyze the logic of Rush Limbaugh's speech, given to argue against this study.

In the first segment of Rush's speech he refers to the NCEA as "environmentalist wackos" which is a common fallacy made throughout his statement. This is referred to as a tu quoque fallacy, which shows that just because you are connected with a certain group of people does not mean you apply to commonly used stereotypes.

The NCEA may have done a study relating to the environment but that doesn't mean they are environmentalists. When Rush refers to the NCEA as "wackos", this is attacking personal character that is not directly relevant to the issue at hand, this fallacy is know as ad hominem.

Rush argues with the study, by first defending American farmers and exploiting the fact that farmers "never" receive praise for feeding the world. We can conclude two fallacies from this accusation, one being over-generalizing( using such words as never can easily be proven wrong) and ignoratio elenchi, which is an irrelevant response. Feeding the world and using chemical fertilizers are two different topics that cannot be compared logically. If you consider the statement closely you will also know that farmers do receive praise, their paycheck is the reward.

When the NCEA concluded their study, they stated that America was waste...