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Plot Structure Essay: "Rushmore"

The dramatic comedy "Rushmore" is a film that follows the interaction between three main characters, and the unusual love triangle that gets formed between them. These characters are different in many ways, but are also alike in more ways than one. They have their own motivations and desires, but are all searching for one thing: happiness. They all feel that the way to achieve happiness is through love.

Max Fischer is a fifteen year old student at Rushmore academy. Rushmore is a private prep school for the financially advantaged. Max however is not rich, and is attending the school on a scholarship which he earned by writing a play in second grade about Watergate. His mother is dead and his father earns a living as a barber. He is extremely smart and acts as though he is twenty-five and not fifteen. Max has a problem though.

He spends so much time being the president of every extra curricular activity that he has no time to study. So Max is on the verge of failing out.

Mr. Herman Blume is a Vietnam veteran turned steel tycoon who has twin sons that attend Rushmore. He is a miserable man who is in a stale, loveless marriage and is always melancholy. This is never more evident than at the twin's birthday party. Mr. Blume is sitting on the other side of the pool from the rest of the party, throwing golf balls into his own pool. He sees his wife flirting with another man, so he climbs the diving board and does a cannon ball. He doesn't even care enough about his marriage to confront his wife and the other man. When giving a speech to the kids at Rushmore he tells them to put the rich kids in...