Same Sex Marriages

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Homosexual marriages should be universally acknowledged in American society ? Its not about being fair, its about being understanding and tolerant of diversity. In Anna Quindlen's essay, ?Evan?s Two Moms?, she discusses the hardships of living in a same-sex marriage. Homosexual relationships are looked down upon by society. It is as if their constitutional rights do not even exist. They are looked down upon for desiring to get married, adopting children, and participating in many common activities most heterosexual couples do. Does their sexual preference make them any less human, or any less capable of living an everyday normal life? The answer is no. Gay couples deserve the same constitutional rights as straight couples.

In the USA and Canada, all citizens are given equal rights by the very documents that make these countries what they are. Both countries also have what sometimes seems to be more of a cruel joke than reality, a separation of church and state.

While it is true that for now, the religious right is using their religion as the policy by which to make laws in both countries, this type of law making cannot last. When a country bases their law making decisions on a religious group's opinions of how things should be, what is right, and what should be deemed wrong, they are in its simplest forms violating the constitution.

Homosexual relationships are not any less valid than heterosexual relationships, and should not be disregarded or ignored. How is it that gay couples are not allowed to consummate their relationships through marriage? It seems inconsistent with other demands, for instance paying income tax. They do not cause a threat to society. It is societies own fears and misconceptions that cause them to be so stubborn and closed minded, on many levels. The traditional way...