Sexual Morality.

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There are limitless possibilities to situations that can be viewed as morally objectionable when it comes to sexual behavior. The Kantian view of sexual morality states that we should treat people as people, which in turn rules out many things such as deceit or coercion. There are many situations that we would call deceitful or coercing and just like anything else the possibilities are limitless. An example of deceit would be to lead a young woman into sexual acts with you by telling her you love and care for while in truth you really don't. Another would be to promise favors in return with no intentions of ever committing to these actions, such as when a prostitute is offered money for her services and the man just dumps her off afterwards without providing the promised funds. An example of coercion would be to capture a person of the opposite sex and then hold them prisoner in order for them to perform sexual acts on the kidnapper or sleep with young children who do not know any better and are easily forced into sexual acts by instilling the emotion of fear.

While there are acts that are questionable they do not violate the act of treating people like people. An example would be prostitution which could like coercion with the offering of money in order for the prostitute to sleep with the customer; however the woman knows what she is doing. She has not been violated in anyway because of the fact that she has chosen the profession and knows the outcome of her position.

The consequential, or utilitarian, approach says that if one cannot get the ideal best than to choose the best that is available. By choosing the best that is available they mean the choice which produces...