The Short story "Ms. Brill" was a depiction of the woman alone.

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February 19, 2003

Sean Brabeau

L. Cuddihy

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19 February 2003

"Miss Brill"

"Miss Brill" is a story about the simple things in life. A person over there, someone over here; there is always something interesting happening in this crazy world we live in. The character Miss Brill is an old woman who is a school teacher that spends her Sundays doing the most worthwhile activity that an elderly woman could do in that day in age; enjoying the day in the park. She is always quite content, it seems, to be by herself and to deal with the cards that were dealt to her. There is really no other emphasis on any other character besides Miss Brill. In this short story by Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill is a dynamic/round character who depicts the theme of the women alone.

The idea behind this story is to look at life from different angles, just like how Miss Brill did in the story. She evolves very slowly during the time that she is in the town square.

First and foremost, this is the basic plot of the story. It starts out on a slightly chilly day in which you would need a jacket to go outside. Miss Brill takes her fur out of the box she kept it in all summer. Then she heads out to the Public Gardens and takes a seat on her bench. I say her bench because she sits there every single Sunday. Across the way was the band that played there every week. Miss Brill knew the band very well even though she never spoke to them. During the first session of the band, Miss Brill...