Should the Chinese government abolish one-child policy

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Should China abolish the 'One child policy'?

Over the past 30 years, China has been undergone a significant change. The economic condition has been improving, 9-year compulsory free education was established in 1985 and medical and health services have improved. With such an enormous change, is the 'one child policy' which was established in 1979 still suitable in today's China? Although the population had reduced under the 'one child policy', it has left many different problems which we need to solve. So, I think the 'one child policy' should be abolished.

First, the 'One child policy' has affected the family. It caused a phenomenon called 'little emperor'. Every couple only can have one child, so they provide the best conditions to their children and the spoiled children are called little emperor. Nowadays, little emperor are very selfish, they just care about themselves and never care about other people because their parents spoiled them too much.

Second, the policy has resulted in a fall in the working age population. There is a reform of medical and healthcare systems, so the medical technologies have improved. As people's life expectancy is extended, but the birth rate is decreased, there are a large numbers of older people. According to a recently statistic, it shows has more than 177 million people aged 60 or above, and the predicted number is 450 million old people in china in the middle of the century.

Third, the policy has caused many social problems. Firstly, Chinese think males are more important than female, so there are many cases of abortion of baby girls, neglecting girl babies, abandoning them and even killing them. Some parents may also offer them for legal or illegal adoption. Secondly, there is an imbalance of sex because of the bad actions...