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The Direction of Sino-U.S. Relations

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The United States as the strongest and wealthiest developed nation and China as the most populous developing country share a special responsibility for the future of humanity. The United States is a superpower, and China is becoming one. But this does not make cold war, much less hot war, inevitable. Rather, it gives both a special responsibility to manage judiciously their power to cause grave harm not only to each other but also to the region and the world. Sino American relations will be watched closely by the people of the world during the Twenty-First Century.

There are important choices to be made. Making a choice and then working hard to implement it is the way history is made. Choices are important because humanity and states sometimes make correct, rational choices but at other time make wrong, irrational choices.

The Direction of Sino-U.S. Relations


Since the attacks of the terrorist on Washington and New York on September 11, 2001, Asia has become a major concern for United States of America. Soon after the attacks, US decided to send its troops on the Asian territory Afghanistan and then on 2003, it lands its forces on Middle East (South West Asia). Thus Asia till the date has been a center of attraction and attention for US. America has enjoyed good relations with China, located in South East Asia. Initially, after the attacks of 9/11, US...