Some good reason to Hitler's good side.

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The end of World War I created many great opportunities for some of the greater countries in the world. For these countries to aspire into greatness they needed great leaders that had great qualities. So who would be a great leader to bring a country back into greatness? A humiliating defeat in World War I allowed Hitler's aggressive and egotistic nature to be necessary for Germany. The new state of mind Hitler offered was what lead Germany to the pinnacle of its power. By observing what state Germany was left in after World War I, and what characteristics Hitler presented that appealed to Germany one will understand why Hitler appealed to the German public.

After a degrading World War I defeat by the Allied forces Germany was forced into signing The Treaty Of Versailles. The Treaty had many stanch circumstances that did not allow Germany any flexibility. The Treaty had many demands such as: a surrender of land to France, Belgium, and Poland.

Germany also had to agree to let enemy forces to hold a military occupation over the Rhineland and could only have an army of limited numbers. Along with the loss of territory to France, Germany also had to pay for the total cost of the entire war, roughly thirty billion dollars. When Germany fell behind in the payments France gained control of majority of Germanys coal mines, trains, merchant ships, and navy. After the loss of World War I the German people lost faith in their Weimer Republic government. This bad reputation allowed the Nazi Political Party to succeed into a controlling position. The Nazis referred to the Weimer Republic as "un-German." The Germany population found all of these stipulations and rules along with an inferior government to be very difficult to deal with and also...