Speech: Should "Wuthering heights" be made relevant in today's society?

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Should Wuthering Heights be considered relevant in today's society? I say, yes. Although I must admit, I was very close to hating this book, not only because of the confusing situations which occurs and my dislike towards all characters, but also for much more reasons that I don't wish to point out at this moment for that we shall be here for a terribly long time if I did.

However, I must also admit, the context of this book, "Wuthering Heights", have portrayed many relevant themes that are still existing today, even as I speak.

Catherine's decision of marriage is one example. "My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary Nelly, I am Heathcliff." In this quote, Catherine was well aware of her love for Heathcliff claiming that they both have the same souls. She had no income or property of her own.

Her physical comfort depends on the will of her father and brother and the most crucial decision of her life, to marry Edgar Linton, is determined by the fact that if she were to marry Heathcliff, they would become 'beggars'. In my opinion, this is a case of forbidden love. Catherine and Heathcliff cannot be together as their statuses are simply too far apart. Many has pointed out that this is irrelevant today as currently, we have the freedom to marry whoever we like. Statuses and class aren't considered as important anymore. But is this so? That nowadays we could say "I do" to whoever we desire? In the book Forbidden Love, by Norma Khouri, told on the accounts of a true story in the small town of Jordan, there is a much similar situation. Dalia, a Muslim, was in love with a Catholic man called Michael.