The story of sneakers &sandals, a little incident of elementary school life, about how the little me trying to conform.

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The story of sneakers & sandals

"Look people, she is wearing slippers to school again," Suen Li, the little boy who sat next to me, was pointing at my feet and shouting excitedly, with a look on his face which I could say had 100% similarity with the look on Columbus's face when he first discovered the new land of America. "Shut up! I have told you many times that these are NOT slippers, they are sandals," I protested immediately with my furious eyes staring right at him. Unfortunately, these sharp glances did not threat him at all, "But they do look like slippers, nobody walks on the street with ugly slippers on!" With the evidence that I was the only one who was wearing sandals in the classroom, he seemed triumphant about his "Slipper Theory". "Sandals, don't you hear me?" Our argument soon attracted some curious stares on my feet which made me feel more embarrassed.

I could feel my face was turning red and my fists were grasping tightly by the anger. I just wished I could dig a hole right under where I was standing and hide myself in it like a squirrel when I heard some evil giggles behind my back.

This embarrassing moment was happened in the first grade of elementary school when everyone was wearing sneakers to school even though there was no such a certain rule for shoes. Consequentially, people threw strange stares when I walked around campus with sandals on and it made me feel very uncomfortable. Willing to change the situation, I even had a big argument with my mother who forced me to wear those ridiculous sandals to school.

"Mom, please let me wear sneakers," I begged my mother with the most pitiful look that could ever be...