Strains in the relationship between Cuba and USA by 1961.

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The antagonism which occurred between Cuba and the US was clearly shown by the Cuban missile Crisis. There were some events which led the antagonism to the Cuban missile Crisis and the seed of the antagonism would be when Fidel Castro takes power over Cuba in 1959 January 1st. As Castro took power, he nationalized all American-owned companies and this made US angry which led to the blockade on Cuba in 1960. Since the only thing Cuba had was a sugar, Cuba was in big trouble. However, Castro goes to the USSR and signs trade treaty, trading sugar for oil, machines and money in response to the blockade in that year. This leads to the second event, which made the antagonism to grow worse.

The second event that made the antagonism to grow worse would be the fact that Cuba is trading with the USSR and has turned to communism.

Since Cuba was just 50 miles away from Florida, it was great threat to the US because they had an enemy in their backyard. Also, by that time the tension between US and the USSR was so great because of the arms race, space race and the nuclear testing. So, when Cuba turned to the communism, it has worsened the tension and because of that the antagonism got worse once more. Since the US was so upset with Cuba, the CIA has come up with a plan and this led to the next event making the antagonism to get worse.

The third event that made the antagonism to get even worse is a plan encouraged by CIA called 'The Bay of Pigs'. This plan came up when Eisenhower was in power and when Kennedy took power in 1961, Kennedy just followed the regime. So, in 1961 April,