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Before commencing this assignment I with a few colleagues did a presentation. The presentation I did was on stress the reason why I chose this topic was because stress affects each and every one of us in our daily lives. The purpose of this assignment is to provide myself with an opportunity of how I could improve my presentation in the future. I will also be explaining why I worked in a group and the skills I have developed; furthermore I will compare my thoughts of the presentation to the feedback I got from my fellow colleagues.

Before doing the presentation we were assigned by our teacher to choose a topic out of a small amount me and few classmates were in particularly interested in the one on stress, so given the option by our teacher to work individually or with others I decided to work as part of a group because I thought that the skills, information and ideas would be shared, so that the joint capabilities are far greater than the individual’s.

And also because it would provide a sense of security for me and others, and not forgetting the fact that working with others would build up respect, value and trust so that communication is encouraged and problems can be solved more easily.

To present the topic of stress a lot of research had to be done I used a number of methods e.g. library resources, internet, journals and notes from leaflets this is simply because stress is a very vast subject with a lot of definitions and explanations. So me and my partners met up in the library and divided the tasks and simply organised who was doing what, when, and how.

Hence I chose to start off the presentation by doing the introduction and the...