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Success is a personal thing that is defined by the individual. Yet the individual meanings of success stem from the one aspect of being the result of achieving a goal. The consequences and behaviour of success cannot be clearly defined and may be contradictory because every individual reacts differently towards success. Therefore success has a base meaning however the way it is achieved, the changes it may bring and the different forms of success are all variable factors according to the individual.

Success has the power to recreate a person and influence others around them. It can bring greed or generosity, happiness or tragedy and along with this success responsibilities may come. Often success is related to fame, fortune and status or social hierarchy and in our modern day society individuals are creating success as a correlation between movie and sport stars alike. Yet as long as an individual has achieved a goal none of these portrayals of success are relevant.

Not only can success be achieved physically for example, building your own house or just walking further than you may have before, the mental achievements of success are also equally significant. For instance, breaking a mental barrier, or coming to terms with yourself as a person. If these are goals an individual has achieved, and strived for, success has been accomplished. On the other hand if an individual does not strive to attain these aspirations success is not achieved. Thus success depends on an individual's goal and whatever they may be from minor to major success is the reward for reaching that aim.

Depending on the individual success can bring many different things. When success is granted to an individual it has the ability to transform a persons life and influence others around them. For example, Thom Yorke as...