Success Is A Choice

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Success is a Choice By Rick PitinoSuccess is a Choice by Rick Pitino, the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats at the time, is not about any sport great or any particular athletic team. This book is about having success in business and in life. Through Pitino's ten steps you will learn about ways to succeed in the business world, sports, and life.

The first five steps are build self-esteem, set demanding goals, always be positive, establish good habits, and master the art of communication. Building self-esteem comes from within the athlete or the businessperson; you have to have confidence to succeed. Set demanding goals means to set goals that can be reached through hard work and dedication, don't set them to high or you my fail. Go for smaller goals than work your way up. Always be positive is very important to an athlete if your always in the dumps that can hurt you stay positive and good things will come.

Establish good habits, eat well, stay healthy, have respect for others, and have good morals. This will have an impact on how you perform and how others will look at you. The fifth step, master the art of communication, if you can't communicate you can't succeed in life. You need to be able to speak to others as if it were your own mother.

Steps six through ten are learn from role models, thrive on pressure, be ferociously persistent, learn from adversity, and survive success. The sixth learn from role models, learning from these are very beneficial to a athlete they want to great just like the one they admire so they will train and prepare like a pro. Thrive on pressure, if you don't like pressure you don't like sports, in order to succeed you...