Summary of the Movie "12 Angry Men"

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"12 Angry Men" is a play about a jury of twelve people. The jury has to decide whether a teenage boy is guilty or innocent of killing his father. In order to find him guilty they must have no "reasonable doubt". The play starts out as the jury takes a vote, eleven guilty and one innocent. It is now up to the eleventh juror who voted innocent to persuade the other eleven jurors to change their minds.

The jurors dispute about the evidence, especially one exhibit in particular, the knife used to stab the boy's father. A clerk from a corner store had said that the boy had bought the same knife from him earlier that day. They argue that this knife is very unique and that no one in the jury has seen one before and that it has to be the same knife the boy bought earlier that day.

The jurors continue on disputing, that is until one of them pulls out the same exact knife and stabs it into the table. The jury argues a bit about how bringing a knife like that into the court room is illegal but then realize the bigger picture, that there could be many people out there with the same knife. This now gives some reasonable doubt and shows that it could have been someone else who stabbed the father to death.

Another important piece of evidence was an old woman's testimony. She had testified to that she saw the boy killing the man late at night while she was trying to sleep. One of the jurors then notices that while testifying, the old woman was rubbing her nose a lot- a common thing for someone who wears glasses to do. Another juror then...