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Although unmoral ideas "based on social standard" such as racism, fascism, sexism etc for example are believed to have a negative impact on those who are exposed to them, it's actually true that if these ideas are to be taught and educated effectively, it can do exactly the opposite.

Conceding the point that if one is exposed frequently to an idea, he is going to be affected by it in some certain ways, one cannot disregard numerous supportive evidences of it such as mass cultural influence of this global complex world, imposing of ideologies into education of authoritarian regimes manipulating people's perspectives for their own purposes or bad characters of a person resulted in his environment.

For all these reasons, many people paradoxically believe that any exposure to such undesirable ideas would negatively affect the intellectual growth of a child. Therefore, the prohibition and exclusion of these ideas from education have been practiced by many nations.

However, it's actually true that if these ideas are to be implanted effectively, it would prove efficient in educating people to be resistant to those ideas. To illustrate the statement more clearly, at first, let's take a look at an old-lesson that our teachers used to tell us about perspectives: two kids often disagreed on things until their teacher brought them into a room, sat them opposite to each other with a ball in between; she asked them to tell what color the ball has and both of them answered differently because each side of the ball has a differently color. To make reference to that lesson, we must understand that humans are very similar to a computer that they make judgments and decisions based on the data they have in their brain, and if the teacher prohibited both students from putting himself to...