Third Amendment

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The third amendment is one out of twelve amendments that form the Bill of Rights. What that says is that no Soldiers are allowed to enter a house without actual permission from owner. No matter if it's a time of peace or not. This amendment was made because soldiers would enter houses and demand friend shelter . Most soldiers would physically abuse civilians in more ways than one.

The parliament revived complains of those abused,like the one poor man who said that he lost his wife,barn,and his daughters innocence. So after many such complaints they decided to do something about it thus the third amendment.

Today Th. third amendment does not do much no one can enter a house with out an "OK"� , but back then wars for freedom and land contract were very big.

Long before the complaints came in soldiers kick people out of their own homes and whatever they did not take with them was just left out everywhere often leaving owner with nothing.

The third amendment stops this from happening. The courts report that only one case went on TV. My coerce is just pictures about war,peace,some houses and a picture of the bill of rights.

Pictures of war and peace are because the third says no one can enter, no matter the timing in, war or peace,the law pictures represent what the third now protects. That is everything I've learn on the third amendment.