traffic war

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Traffic war

According to Moroccan official statistics, traffic accidents claim between 4000 and 6000 lives, and leave 9000 injured, in addition to 14 billion dirham of material losses per year. This huge number of human and material damages, which make morocco in the sixth rank universally, increases by many reasons, the primary ones are the weak infrastructure of national roads then bribery among gendarmes.

While talking about the weak infrastructure of the national roads, the first thing to remember is the worst ever accidents which happened in Tizin-Tichka, that rose several questions to the minister of transportation, which were answered by blaming the driver for speeding, yet eye-witnesses assumed that the shoddy quality of the road was the primary cause, because it is narrow, snakelike, with no protecting iron rods along the sides. What the officials should take into account that strict laws are not the most effective solution to alleviate the situation in such roads condition, in addition to the poor lightening systems along the roads and traffic signals which do not always function.

Bribery among gendarmes is a common process in Moroccan roads, and lately many gendarmes had been caught red handed taking bribes. They allow different illegal condition of driving only to earn some money, but they forget that this can lead to a horrible accident somewhere. Because they take bribes from drivers who drive in high speed, and from drivers who caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also from drivers who have no legal papers concerning the chassis of vehicles. In other words these kinds of gendarmes encourage carless drivers to drive carelessly, and they don't think about their complicity along with bribers in the mass killings in our roads.

Traffic accidents are tragic events happen regularly everywhere in morocco, its losses reach the...