The Truth about "Signs"...a review of the movie "Signs"

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The Truth about "Signs"

Behind every motion picture there is usually another story, or a hidden theme, that the producer injects into the film. In the movie "Signs," there is an especially unique hidden theme dealing with coincidences. The main focus of the movie deals with crop circles myth versus reality. The theme is portrayed by the characters throughout the movie, but the obscured theme never actually is revealed until the last five minutes of the film.

"Signs" is a well-scripted film produced and written by M. Night Shyamalan. Shyamalan very creatively provides all of the family members with a certain trait or characteristic that plays a large role in the conclusion of the film. Mel Gibson plays Reverend Graham Hess, a man who questions his faith and leaves the church after his wife dies in a freak car accident. When a cut crop circle appears in the Hess's cornfield, Graham is not sure what to think; however, he does not wish to rule out any possibilities.

Graham is obviously devastated by the recent death of his wife, but before she dies she tells him "to see." At this point in the movie her meaning is not truly understood. Later on, however, her message becomes very clear.

Also in the film is Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Merrill Hess, the brother of Graham. Merrill feels that jokesters in the town are responsible for the corp circles. When more crop circles appear across the United States, Merrill states, "A bunch of nerds are doing it that never had girlfriends in their lives. They that make up little codes and secret societies for guys with no girlfriends can join." He forcefully states he does not

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believe in extraterrestrials on Earth. Merrill has an interesting past of being a minor league...