This is a two page paper about the movie "The Twelfth knight" that was directed by Trever Nunn.

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The Twelfth Night

From the director Trever Nunn comes an awesome film called The Twelfth Night. Although the only character that I recognized was Imogene Stubbs who played Viola, a women who disguises herself as a boy named Cesario. Some of the other actors and actress' were Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia, Nigel Hawthorne as Malvolio, Steve Mackintosh as Sebastian, Toby Stevens as Duke Orsino, and a few others who helped make this film a great success. This film was taped in a place called Cornwall, England, which had magnificent scenery.

The movie starts out with Viola and Sebastian, who are a set of twins that are traveling on a ship from Messalina to Illyria. When the ship becomes wrecked, they find themselves on different parts of Illyria not knowing if the other had survived. Viola ends up entering into the service of Duke Orsino. At this point she is perceived to be a guy that goes by the name of Cesario.

The first mission Cesario is sent on is to go and get Olivia to fall for Duke Orsino. While in the middle of trying to get Olivia to fall for the Duke, Olivia begins to fall for Cesario. Cesario was beginning to fall in love with her own boss, Duke Orsino. At this point Sebastian comes into the picture. Olivia ends up marrying Sebastian thinking he is Cesario, since they look so much alike. Then when Olivia meets up with Cesario she talks about how they are married in front of Duke Orsino. Cesario pleads to the Duke that they are not married. At that time Sebastian enters the scene. Olivia then realizes that she married the guy who just entered the picture. Then Cesario reveals Viola to everyone including her own...