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"People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people." This quote from James Mcteigue's film "V for Vendetta" particularly shows how the concept of changing perspective applies to this text. Through the use of its political symbolism "V for Vendetta" shows the changing perspective of an entire nation and their view on the totalitarian government which runs it. Changing perspective is shown through Eve's loss of identity through torture and her understanding of Vs actions, as well Finch's perplexity surrounding Vs actions and the government's retaliation.

Eve's perspective changes many times due to the many experiences that are forced upon her. She begins as a young woman who is naïve towards Norsefire and their regime. This nativity causes her to become involved with V's plans. She then becomes fearful as her friend Gordon is Black bagged in front of her eyes for a mere comedy stunt mocking the high chancellor.

Her fear changes into power through the symbolism represented in Valerie's letter as she uses it to endure the torture inflicted upon her. Her changed identity then enables her to understand that she should not fear the government as Vs idea of freedom is worth more than her life.

The people of London also follow this pattern of changing perspective although not as dramatic as Eve's transformation. They are at first shown obeying and respecting Norsefire and the chancellor as shown through images portraying the people of London possessing chancellor portraits in their homes and Norsefire symbols across their walls. Although they are not as naïve as Eve, shown through the conversations between families in which they openly suggest that the government is lying to them, they are definitely fearful through the complete obedience of the "yellow coded curfew" issued by the Norsefire...