War of 1812

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How did events during the War of 1812 help to move the American economy in new directions after peace was restored?

The War of 1812 was inspired by the restlessness of the Southern and Western U.S. The continuous efforts of James Madison came to and end when the disastrous war erupted. The War itself wasn't a huge success on either side of the field but domestic gains for the country as a whole were tremendous.

Once peace was restored, conditions returned almost back to the pre mortem state. The U.S. however did move forward in terms of expansion and economic growth. New banks, roads, and economic policies came out all over the country and bolstered this growth. The nation grew even more towards unity as the network of roads expanded. The former Warhawks, Clay and Calhoun, became the national advocates of this new point of view of expansion and growth.

A number of local state banks also sprung up as a result of the expiration of the B.U.S.' charter. Banks issued a number of bank notes (which served the same purpose as bank checks) and used it more or less as money. Manufacturing also soared after the end of the English blockade was ended.