War and peace

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The humanity has come into the Third Millenium having lots of non-solved problems, barring and experiencing all consequences and results of severe wars of the previous centuries. It was right said that peace is the period of time between wars and according to the history of humankind those period never last long. We all know and realize what can wars result in further, then why do wars start? Why do people fight with each other at the bequest of our leaders using violent weapon and methods of combats? Who has the right to take the life of another?To answer those question first of all we have to give the definition to "War". One of the definition is as follows: War is an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities. Force has always been a way of deciding who is right and who is wrong, whom should this or that land belong to, who is stronger and who is weaker.

People differ from animals with their brain power, we are able to think and to contemplate, why then can't we solve conflicts without killing? And where are the roots of people fights?

Some people fight to protect themselves, or their family, friends or belongings from attack. Some people fight for their rights, to make sure that they will have freedom and justice. Some people fight to take over things that belong to others, such as land or money. Some people fight to defend something they strongly believe in, such as their religion or political beliefs. Some people fight because they have been taught to hate others who are seen as different (for example, because of skin colour, religion or customs). Some people fight because they have been told to by someone they trust, or because they are told that...