Wealth and power.

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Today's society is split between two, those who work for their living and those who make there living off of those whom work for them. So how is it that those who do the labor are the ones who get shorter end of the stick? Why does the "working class" produce are capital so the "owning class" can benefit from its profits? Why is the United States this great free nation ranked fifteenth in life expectancy and has the highest poverty rate, the highest infant mortality rate, and the highest rate of youth deaths due to accidents, homicide, and other nations? How can Disney's CEO Michael Eisner make $575 million to himself when there are 12.7 million Americans who are living below the poverty level? What happened to the 8th Amendment of the U.S constitution: no cruel or unusual punishment? It seems to me that we live in a very cruel nation where people's well being has no precedent over profits of the rich.

Without the labor of the "working class" there would be no capital and therefore no money for the "owning class". So what doesn't make sense to me is that how can a person work an eight hour day and in reality only get paid for 2 and the boss get the profits of the other 6 hours. Why does the boss make more money than the person actually doing the work? There are so many people who work so hard just to make ends meet and from their suffering and hard work the rich get richer. How is it that one percent of our population is thousands of times richer than the poorest. "If we saw evidence of profitability, we might look into this" that was the response from the private enterprise when asked what they...