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J. Chaz Peacock


Ms. Tammy Borunda

Microsoft - Case Study

Microsoft as a company was first created to become a mastermind in the computer world. But as technologies advanced new markets emerged and Microsoft decided to expand their computer expertise. In the 1980's game consoles such as Atari and Nintendo ruled the gaming industries. In the 1990's a lot of companies were getting in on the actions. For Example, Sega released its console called "Genesis" and Nintendo released an upgrade called Nintendo 64. But in that time era Sony with its console, called Playstation and Microsoft with its console called the XBOX became the leaders in the marketplace.

Microsoft had a goal to become the best video game provider. However, companies such as Sony made it hard for them to do that because they kept advancing their product. Playstation started to invest greatly into graphic and Xbox had to do the same.

They upgraded their CPU power and maximized the experience for the users. When computer got better so did the gaming consoles. When Playstation first came out they raved on having a 1MB memory card. Now, Microsoft XBOX come equipped with a 250GB hard drive. Without the advancement of External Storage a 250 GB Hard Drive would have never came into existences. Another piece of technology that shaped Microsoft Xbox was the internet. Microsoft noticed that some computer games such as "Doom" allowed its users to play in a realm with other users. Therefore XBOX prepared a new gaming console that allowed its users to play others on the same game at the same time while in different places. Call of Duty was a game that put Microsoft over the top in the marketplace. Users were in love with the fact they could play a game with really...