Whose paradigm is more consistent about civilization? HUNTINGTON's or SKIDMORE'S,

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Before shaping of the new world order, in the Cold War Era there were three major groups, which were the USSR, the USA and the Third World Countries. However, after the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world order took its final shape with the end of Cold War Era as the new world order. Thus, scholars and some journalists have started to develop paradigms about the new world order. One of them is Samuel Huntington, developer of the civilisational paradigm, which is " civilisations will be based on culture, religion, etnicity, common language and history. However, he has received many criticism regarding his civilisational paradigm from his colleques. Especially, David Skidmore is one of the critics who not only finds Huntington's paradigm weak and inconsistent but also has developed a paradigm about multiculturalism . As well as civilisational paradigm, Huntington has different theories about the role of globalisation, democratisation and modernisation during the Post-Cold War Era, fall of the west's position and some contrary theories from alternative theories.

According to Huntington's civilisational paradigm, religion, race, culture, common history and language will be the major criteria to describe the differences between civilisations. Also, in his oppinion, the main source of conflict is differences in culture. Although, he gives the clash of Palestine and Israeli as an example and cooperation of the EU to sustain his paradigm, those are inconsistent to Skidmore. Because of Huntington's definition of the Muslim world as North Africa, the Middle East and the Southest Asia, Huntington's grouping of civilisation is invalid since there are deep differences in the Muslim world in terms of common history and language according to Skidmore . Also, he gives the example of the Islamic world to explode Huntington's notion. Moreover, Skidmore claims that cultures...