How Would You Direct Act 2 Scene 5.

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At the time of Romeo and Juliet they had a different society and culture to that which we have now. At this time the position of women is very much in the home with the children, without work outside the home. They are married as young as 12 and 13. The rich families also had a much bigger role to play. In small cities like Verona, a state in its own right, these big families have a lot of power and authority. The two biggest families in Verona are the Capulets and the Montagues who are fighting for power in the city and have great rivalries between them. Reputation in a city of this size is very important and people died for the protection of it or in trying to gain it. There were no law enforcers as such in Verona but the Prince of the city, as supreme ruler, has the power to banish or execute those that have done wrong such as murder or theft.

Marriage is also very important at this time. It is a girl's aim in life to be married off by her family to a rich and powerful husband. Marriages between families make friendships and political alliances between them. They had to take place in the church to earn God's approval and blessing, it is also traditional that all of the members of the two families turn up to see their relations wed. Most men in Verona carry swords; they often settle the disagreements in the city. Most of the time people are not killed in these duels but there is occasion when disagreements call for death and sometimes accidents happen. Verona has a hot climate and in the summer these high temperatures lead to short tempers, making fights and scuffles even more...