Young Marriage Now a Days

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Unit 3 Culminating Activity:

Mate Selection Case Study or Letter

By: Sarah Mallory

Dear Susan I heard you moved to Prince Edward Island a few years ago with Billy. I hope all is well on the farm. Although I was just glancing at the weather for Summerside and the weather man was saying it looks like it will be a dry season.

I'm terribly upset I missed you at Annie's barbeque last summer. I heard Mary Clare, Lizzy, and even Josie were there. Its frightening to think we haven't all seen each other since high school, all of our lives have become very busy. James and I have not been able to rest because our wedding day is soon approaching and both James and I have been caught up in our jobs.

Even though we've both been caught up in the rush of the wedding planning. I thank my shining starts everyday that we will finally beable to share our life together.

Ever since we graduated from high school we've been on and off again. But since Annie's wedding we've been inseparable.

I have grown up hearing my mother and grandmothers stories about how difficult it was financially and emotionally marring young. I promised myself that I would not get married until I was older and became more independent. I'm happy I made that choice to wait, not just because I wasn't ready but our relationship wasn't ready either.

During that year where we spent apart I think we both grew up from our teenage ways. We both realized what we were missing in our lives, it was each other. I wasn't ready to merry until my dad past away. His death was very difficult for me, because we were so close. James was very supportive, and...