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Account of the Siege of Yorktown. Written in the first person.

laid down pine wood end-to-end so troops would know where to dig trenches. The trenches allowed 100 cannons to be close to the British but still be under protection. Soldiers were moved to the area an ... trenches. Finally on October 15th we were prepared to start the siege.As the American Flag rose ten cannons fired simultaneously. Since we were firing from 150 ft. away our cannons had a devastating e ...

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How Guns Work

e a little more sophisticated.However, the physics behind all guns remain the same. Weapons such as cannons, shotguns and rifles, work on the basic idea of conservation of momentum and the change in e ...

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European Expansion beyond territorial borders between 1450 and 1650

t.The Europeans technological advancements allowed for the arming of newer more maneuverable ships. Cannons and faster ships that required less people to man and instead rely on wind power, became a g ...

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The Conquest of the Aztec and Incan Empires

ese empires Indian war tactics were old and out dated. They were no match for the Spanish and their cannons, crossbows, swords, armor, shields, and the hand held musket.The poor judgment of the Aztec ...

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Successes & Failures of Lieutenant Hornblower from C.S. Forester's "Lieutenant Hornblower"

a few were he was a failure.In my opinion the first success of Hornblower was when he used all the cannons onone side of the ship to free them from the mud holding the ship. Another success was whenH ...

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Common question about Early American History.

r the New World. Gun powder was first discovered after 1000 AD and was used to propel missiles from cannons, but as time moved on it was used in a hand held weapon that resembled the modern gun. Overa ...

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The Age of Discovery, Columbus, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, early technology and trade.

lthough the cannon had serious land warfare difficulties they could be used at sea. The mounting of cannons on ships gave impetus to European expansion. The cannon was used on open boats called galley ...

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Peter the great.

ssia . Alexis was delighted, to celebrate "a great gingerbread cake with the double eagle was made, cannons were fired, and bells rang all over the land" . He was not the natural successor to the thro ...

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Summary of the movie The Patriot.

fathers wishes and joined.B) The battles keep getting closer to Ben's home and as they can hear the cannons and gun shots in the not so far distance his son Gabriel returns home, wounded and fatigued ...

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Civil war.

ral Pierre Beauregard opened fire upon Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina with the use of 50 cannons. The Civil War began. The Civil War lasted 4 years, from 1861 until 1865. The Civil War has ...

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This essay dipicts the first Victory in the French revlution, It discribes the events that took place during the attack on the Bastille

now undoubtedly be used as the main source for supplies for the French revolution. Holding fifteen cannons, six hundred musketoons, twelve rampart muskets with over fifteen thousand cartridges and tw ... nd cartridges and twenty thousand pounds of powder.After determining the threat that the Bastille's cannons had been aimed St. Antoine Street the people decided to take action. Two men armed with axes ...

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Description of how the movie "The Last Samurai" portrays the effects of Western Imperialism on Japan

d Western dress and began to shy away from the old warrior ways. New technologies such as firearms, cannons, trains, and photography were being instituted into their culture. The only thing holding th ... rmy to operate like they do in the West. He was hired to train the soldiers how to use firearms and cannons.In the first battle scene the Japanese army is unprepared even though that had a huge advant ...

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Elizabethan Era Weaponry by Alan T

apons which would farther increase the complexity of warfare. The structure, use, and importance of cannons and guns would change dramatically; they evolved into what would be the most important part ... artillery, but in the sixteenth century a "cannon" was a gun of definite size and type (Tunis 75). Cannons were first fired with finely ground "meal"; power made of charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur (7 ...

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Civil War-Battle of Vicksburg

arted John C. Pemberton, a West Point graduate, was given charge of the fort and geographic region. Cannons were brought in and mounted on the fort; entrenchments were created to make Vicksburg impene ... uge without a fight. When he reached Vicksburg, he was surprised that they wouldn?t surrender. With cannons 300 feet above his ships and rumors of 20,000 troops coming, he hastily retreated. Several g ...

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ss, at the top of the island on the early 1850's. The Army also made plans to install more than 100 cannons on the island, making Alcatraz the most heavily fortified military site on the West Coast. T ...

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Describe the British Empire and explain why maps of the world don't show the true size of countries.

. The island could be attacked only be sea, British navy was very strong, plus walls were built and cannons were put in case of a battle.While Britain was growing and accumulating wealth, other countr ...

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North and South advantages and disadvantage during the American Civil War

They had production on their side. The Northerners were able to manufacture their own guns,clothes, cannons, shoes, etc. The North also had railroads on their side. They were able to transport supplie ...

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The Spanish and the Aztecs

They went and attacked the Aztec with a bunch of weapons that the Aztec had never seen such as guns cannons and swords. The Spanish also had armor and horses and horses with armor on them. Even though ...

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Phillipine History - A First Hand Account

it ran as close as the Track did and ran the rest of the way home. The MPs were on alert and I saw cannons that I never seen before, manned with soldiers who were looking into the sky. I had never se ... s any place other than the two that were positioned next to the flag pole for reveille. Some of the cannons were being loaded with shells.My mother was still ill when I got home. She didn't know about ...

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handgunners ), 2000 Knights of the White Wolf, 200 Hobbits( small creatures who love eating ), 800 cannons and 10,000 Elves from Loren.They marched for 22 days until they reached a large plain. It wa ... infantry by about 5000 troops. The close combat was brutal and the skeletons came out victors. The cannons aiming was terrible. Most of them misfired and blew up. Things were looking good for the Und ...

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