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The Changing Role of the Database Administrator

ith new technology, the DBA is not always responsible for debugging, utilities or programming in C, COBOL or SQL. (Mullins 1995). These tasks go to object builder programming personnel who are familia ... database manager unqualified in SQL, the job is referred to object builders well versed in using C, COBOL, SQL. (Sipolt 1995). The traditional database administrator's strength is in creating the phys ...

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A Brief History of Databases, describes some old database systems

To access vast amounts of stored information, these companies started to use computer programs like COBOL and FORTRAN. Data accessibility and data sharing soon became an important feature because of t ...

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Java Vs. C++

nts in computer hardware come advancements in computer software; gone are the days when FORTRAN and COBOL were the languages of choice. Today, vvv two hot new object oriented programming languages hav ...

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A comprehensive look at the development of the computer programming language, focusing partially on C++.

umbers well; however, it lacked a sufficient input and output directive. It was quickly replaced by COBOL in 1959. COBOL was similar to FORTRAN; though, COBOL offered a superior input and out put dire ... odify each list, thus learning and evolving. For the next fifteen years many revisions were made to COBOL, FORTRAN, and LISP. This retained them as the main languages for the time. With the introducti ...

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Grace Murray Hopper.

would have taken six months. She also converted computer language into English, in a system called COBOL. She also coined the term "bug", meaning a glitch in the program. While working on the Mark I' ...

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Evolution of Programming anguages.

n has been tremendous. Some of the programs during this evolution were: -*FORTRAN (1957 by Backhus)*COBOL (1959 by Grace M. Hooper)*BASIC (1964 by John G. Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz)*LOGO (1966 by Seymou ... ers, its poor input and output functions made it loose its popularity. This led to the emergence of COBOL in 1959. It was a language meant for businessmen. It allowed data to be grouped into 'arrays' ...

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anageable mnemonics, such as ADD and MOV.In time, higher-level languages evolved, such as BASIC and COBOL. These languages let people work with something approximating words and sentences, such as Let ...

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Information System Building Blocks

Query Language). While older Legacy systems were built with flat-file technologies such as VSAM and COBOL language for early databases which was not precise. Where in the processes phase the system bu ...

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History of Computer Programming Languages

eider, G., Gersting, J. (2004). Invitation to Computer Science (3rd ed.). Boston: Course Technology.COBOLImportant Dates:COBOL, which stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language, was developed in 195 ... stems Languages, headed by Grace Hopper of the United States Navy. During the 1960s and 1970s, both COBOL and FORTRAN were the most widely used high-level languages used in computer programming. Like ...

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Microsoft Corporation (A Look)

nd it is this program that is executed to perform whatever task is desired. The third product was a COBOL (a high level business oriented language) compiler.The key moment came for Microsoft in the la ...

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uter readable font.1960 A team drawn from several computer manufacturers and the Pentagon developed COBOL, Common Business Oriented Language. Designed for business use, early COBOL efforts aimed for e ... sy readability of computer programs and as much machine independence as possible. Designers hoped a COBOL program would run on any computer for which a compiler existed with only minimal modifications.

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Career of a Computer Programmer.

s for the computer to follow. They then code these instructions into a programming language such as COBOL, Prolog, Java, C++, and Smalltalk depending on the purpose of the program. COBOL is used for b ...

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Grace Hopper biography

programs, was the first to translate English into the machine language. A later program in 1959-61 (COBOL) was based on her FLOW-MATIC and was used in the UNIVAC -- the first commercial electronic com ...

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Exploring the career of a comp

ormed into usable information. The programmer may use any one of a number of programming languages: COBOL, FORTRAN, and BASIC are among the older, more common languages. Today, 65 percent of corporate ... SIC are among the older, more common languages. Today, 65 percent of corporate systems still run on COBOL. Programmers should gain familiarity with DB2 and other relational database software. Fourth-g ...

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Evolution of Programming Languages - PowerPoint Presentation

commendation was finally published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in 1968. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) was developed around 1959 and is like its name says primar ... tructions in a 4GL will do the same as hundreds of instructions in a lower generation language like COBOL or BASIC. Applications of 4GL's are concentrating on the daily performed tasks such like scree ...

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CASE STUDY: Modernization of NTUC Income

n to the previous day·s back-up data.Hardware failures caused six days of complete downtime. COBOL programs also encounteredfrequent breakdowns that halted the systems and caused temporary inte ... systems and caused temporary interruptions. At the sametime, development of new products using the COBOL is quite cumbersome and took weeks, evenmonths, to accomplish. They also lost opportunities to ...

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