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Learning Through Computer Interaction. Speaks of the implications that human-computer interaction has on learning

system at alllevels.This revolution in the way people learn will be based on the technology of the digital computer. Learning media from other aspects of modern technology will also figure significan ...

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Ethics of music sampling, specifically rap.

g. This is done with a sampler, which can either be a piece of hardware, or a computer program on a digital computer (Fryer 58). Just like a rock/pop song uses a guitar, a paino, and other instruments ...

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This here is for philosophy I.

hild science became a strong area of studies. Turing is known to us as the first man to develop the digital computer.The concept of computers that would think for themselves was revolutionary for the ...

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The Internet

ulator (MODEM). It is brought to your computer screen by converting analogue telephone signals into digital computer signals. There are many advantages and disadvantages on the Internet.The main advan ...

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The History of Computers

ice.Blaise Pascal (1623-62) who was a French mathematician invented a "Pascaline" which was a first digital computer in 1642. It used gear-driven counting wheels to do addition. The numbers for each d ... Transistor Circuit Element. These technical discoveries quickly found their way into new models of digital computers. RAM capacities increased from 8,000 to 64,000 words in commercially available mac ...

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Today's Astonishing Computers.

system, other parts of equipment being auxiliary.There are two main types of computing equipment - digital and analogue. They work differently and yield different results. The digital computer is per ... roduces analogues or parallels of the process to be described or the problem to be solved. Both the digital and analogue computers must be "programmed". This means they must be set up in such a way th ...

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An Analysis of Learning and Memory.

system at all levels.This revolution in the way people learn will be based on the technology of the digital computer. Learning media from other aspects of modern technology will also figure significan ...

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Computers in society.

s were being developed as early as the 1800's and were more of a machine than a computer. The first digital computer that worked electronically was built by Clifford Berry and Dr. John V. Atanasoff in ...

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Mental States

Upon discovering that my friend, Roberta, has an extremely complex digital computer in her head I was perplexed as to whether Roberta has mental states. Under the assu ... ysis of Roberta's inner states is made possible through the knowledge that her skull is filled by a digital computer that is programmed to control her movements. (356-357). The doctor that trea ... out interpreting them. This is simply a manipulation of a series of rules controlled by the complex digital computer within her head. The programmer would have only had the knowledge of which operatio ...

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History Of Computer

the hands of all but a small elite. Fortunately for that elite, they had the use of history's first digital computer, the abacus. A clay tablet in the British Museum dated 2300-1600 B.C. and coming fr ...

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Programable logic controlers

ut these control systems are not usually made from electromechanical relays or logic gates. Instead digital computers are used, which can be programmed to do a lot of the logical functions.In the late ... 1960's a company called Bedford Associates made a machine they called MODICON. It stood for modular digital controller, and became the name of a company that only worked on the design, making, and sal ...

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